Welcome to the room of drum healing!

It is the technique of traditional cures which gets across to NativeAmerican more from ancient times
Mind and body are purified with the wave motion of the drum struck from the individual inside of the energy field.

It is SUMAJJINGU by the white sage in the beginning. (Purification by smoke.) Is it exposed to smoke in Asakusa Kaminari-mon at the body? It is that. ) DO The inside of druming(while having sounded the drum) does not touch the body. .

Sherman which pulls an Apache's blood although it has been the technology conveyed only among tribes for a long time,
If William Two Feather should tell the man in the world, there will be a revelation and permission will be obtained from a tribe's master.

The technology is conveyed to the world now.

The NEITIVU United States is still received also in the world. There are misapprehension and prejudice.

Since it is a tribe's technology transmitted secretly
, it is and is an after cliff.

About 20 persons who first visited Japan to Japan in 2003 in the early summer, and have received the instruction of him since then Drum healing person has begun activity at home. (I also became drum HIRA at this time.The blessing of 2feather.)

 I also wishes your activity earnestly with a teacher.

Be careful!

This is a very sensitive technique.
That seems simple at first glance,
both sides should do to better secure the healing of this technology requires more than 10 years experience in healing.
The drums have no meaning unless
If imitation is the responsibility
of any third party.
As limited only by the oral indigenous
healing techniques (which is mostly relatives) to have been passed down for a reason.
Your family, please cherish the people around them.

Silent Roots , but I do have permission to others to teach the technology
Will not be teaching at the moment.

       Drum healing It is alike and attaches.

     A teacher, William two feather It is alike and attaches.

        Link To NEITIVUAMERIKAN It is the related link. Me Teacher, There is also HP of EarthThunder.


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