Silent Roots(Noriko Shoujigawa) 


Born January 07, 1967.
Noriko`s name is a heaven and earth (the root of the universe) to know the meaning of providence
Parents are social activists.
Fortune a person from the age of 14.
Environmental research company, home helper, experience the natural foods such as vegetable store manager, Fortune telling pros unawares.
Myself at the age of 21, cause unknown,
In modern medicine incurable illness
(now normal),
my mother suffered a stroke, the chance that the nurse, became interested in alternative medicine healing study.
Unawares and become a professional healing.

Currently, I have a teacher ,Native American shaman.
The indigenous (Ainu and Cherokee,Hopi etc.) interaction with, teach culture along with the Talking Circle (healing place for discussion), WS various lectures, and performances are working around storytelling.

Silent Roots is a Native American name.

*Class A hypnotic induction Japan Association certified instructor
*Yin Institute of Certified Ise.Kamiyori-shi,Amatukanagi fortune telling(The old Shinto`s techniques)
Native American spiritual products Certified DrumHealer
*Cherokee Native American Earth Thunder apprentice in 2003.
*Regional Producer
In junior high school art department teaching certificate
*Home Helpers (disabled children with disabilities aged care) license