What does not become language. What is not caught even if it thinks with the head. What it is also in where.


             "life"                                        "life"                          


                                                  I felt through pregnancy and the delivery,it experienced it through the death in various one.

        It dies, when dying, even if it is laughing and is angry, whatever it may carry out,

                                                              no matter what it may carry out.

         Even if what medical treatment and healing are received, nobody lives through all eternity.

                       Even what living thing. An exception does not have one.

                           There is only that is big Flow of "life".

                           What is what we can leave to children?

                         If it dies and we face it very, will we be good?
                          I don`t understood.

I knew that I was in the technology of wisdom, the legend, and healing that had been succeeded from ancient times by intuition.

     I thought that I would pursue them as a lifework, being self-sufficient by living in the country with a family.

It became after childbirth bad health however, the financial problem, the parents' family, it married, and it came mentally due to the problem, and the economic activity that I was able to do was only a fortune-telling and healing.

             The customer came from the mystery and the person to the person by word of mouth.
                   The physical condition has recovered gradually in the meantime.

I thought by chance on such a day at the time of which being.

                               Is it good as it is?
                              Something is lacked.

                           The desire has gradually grown.
  It met a brightly alive though one and the child who while it was in Tokyo at such time meeting person of the shaman of Nativamerica, and was working even if it met the lineage of Caminou of South Korea, Camintu of Okinawa, Ainu, and the life were cut down, and the person was healed immediately before the death were lost to the utmost, .
Quiet way of life of people in village of American Indian Hopi

                           It met the life in various one.

It is said that it doesn't want to die and it is a grandfather who departed this world.
The end is a grandmother who had been made the best use of with the machine.
It encounters the theft on the road, it becomes bedridden by shock, and it is ..dying.. grandmother in 1 quiet people ..making phlegm blocked...
It lives in healing in the sickness while knowing dying friends and our deaths to the last minute young.
Father of husband who taught moment of sacred death.
Sudden death of friend of Herar that association is very old that prophesies my later life.

                        It met the death a lot.


                    It was, and all the men had told at the after cliff, "life."

                                         I  --"living "-- is it?
                                What can I do?




       When thinking so, the name was got from Earth Thunder ( Cellokey fellows' traditional Sherman)

                ` Silent Roots.`

                                 I have realized that this is my fate.
                    What I had caught.What was being said as trees or insects



                                                                    I becomeEarth Thunder` s pupil.
                                                               It decided it to the continuation of the fortune-telling and healing.






                     Silent Roots is "Life" tells the nurturing and watch.